Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Registration costs nothing. Our most basic package (5 voucher codes) is also free. Simply create a small five voucher-code campaign and test it out. Once you are confident in using the product, you can then begin running larger, more meaningful, campaigns.
Yes! As long as your e-book is accessible somewhere online, simply create a Digital Download voucher, specify the url (web address) for the file and create the voucher. Users will only see the link to your file after they successfully claim their voucher using a valid code.
A shared voucher code is useful for Facebook posts, embedding in websites, mass mailing lists - any time you want to reach a certain number of people and don't care how many times a given user uses the voucher. It's great for a First 50 people who click through get a free copy of my e-book type of promotion.
Conversely, if you're offering a give-away to a very specific set of potential customers with whom you would like to engage, a unique voucher might be more appropriate. For instance, you may offer five free signed copies of your hardback book to a blogger that they can advertise on their blog/website. The blogger can decide who gets each voucher - but when that person claims their voucher, the code cannot be used again. In other words, they can't pass it on to their friend to get a copy as well.
It depends on how many vouchers you want to give away in your campaign or promotion. The most basic package allows for five claims and is free! After that you can choose packages that cost anywhere from 5.00 - 20.00. We also offer big bulk packages at higher prices.
From a Vendavoucher point of view, yes. We do not store any of your clients' data on our system. Even if you pass in personal details as a reference in a voucher link, that someone might use to claim a voucher, these values are always stored as an irreversible MD5 Hash. In other words they are encoded in a format that cannot be reverse-engineered to get back to the original value. The only details we use are those of our clients (i.e. vendors who use Vendavoucher as part of their marketing strategy). These vendors are engaging in business and, as such, their business contact details can and should be made available to those doing business with them. However, this does not have to include personal information. A valid business address, business telephone numbers and business email address can be used here.
Yes you can! Simply paste an "Issue Voucher" link into automated email templates in your own systems, bulk mailing services etc. and we will automatically issue a voucher with unique code to anyone who clicks on that link. To prevent wasting vouchers, and to ensure that a given person receives the same code each time they click the link, you should add a reference of your own to the link. A good example of this is a hotel that offers each guest a unique code for a discount on their next visit automatically on check-out. By inserting their own system's external booking reference into the link, they can ensure that each recipient is issued a new voucher on their first click. Thereafter, they link to the same voucher code on each subsequent click of the link. You can use the link without any external reference but then a recipient will be issued a new voucher each time they click the link which wastes vouchers unnecessarily. As always, we don't store the reference itself but rather an irreversible hash so even personal information like an email address used in the reference is never at risk of being abused within our system.
Yes you can! When creating a voucher, check out the Price Info setting. It is set to Free by default. Change it to Purchase and set your voucher price in the new box that appears.
Please note, we charge a 7% handling fee for every voucher sold. This covers the credit card fees we will be charged and a small handling fee to process payments and transfer funds.
We will also need your bank details in order to transfer funds to your account. This is not something we currently offer via the website. Should you require this feature, please contact us at to set up your account for this service.
QR codes allow you to validate a voucher by simply scanning the presented code. You can scan either a paper copy or an on-screen copy of the voucher.
You don't need to buy any proprietary hardware or software for this. Simply use any mobile device and log onto Apple Store / Android Play Store. Then download/ install your preferred FREE QR Scanner app.
You don't need to register or link this app with Vendavoucher in any way. That will happen when you scan a voucher code.
For Android, we used QR Scanner Once installed, open the app on your mobile device, point it at a Voucher QR Code and then click Open URL
Vendavoucher will respond with a message stating whether the voucher was successfully claimed and, if not, why it failed (e.g. Already Claimed / Voucher Expired etc).