West Sussex Hotel saves time and money through Vendavoucher

Rustington Manor Hotel offered a meal give-away voucher through local radio station, Spirit FM on the radio station's website. The trouble was that staff members at the hotel could never be sure whether a presented voucher had been previously claimed or not and management had no data to show how well the promotion was working.

A great promotional idea quickly became an operational headache!

In a high-pressure business such as the hospitality industry, tracking vouchers became a major challenge. Staff members simply don't have the time to rummage through files for previously claimed vouchers during service. Junior staff also didn't know what the terms & conditions were so always found themselves on the back foot if a guest disputed the terms. The whole process felt out of control.

Vendavoucher solved the problem at a stroke!

Rustington Manor Hotel created a voucher through Vendavoucher's easy-to-use interface. They then requested a list of voucher codes from the radio station and uploaded these to their newly created voucher. They also copied the terms & conditions from the station's website and attached those to the voucher.

Using Vendavoucher's provided link they embedded the voucher in Rustington Manor's own website. Now staff can quickly verify a voucher the moment a guest presents it. With a single button-click, the voucher page displays. requesting a valid code.

Easy setup

The whole process took less than half an hour and now, every time a voucher is presented, staff simply enter the code and mark it as claimed. If it has been claimed before, the claim is automatically refused and if guests dispute the terms of the voucher, staff members can click the link and confirm the terms and conditions as stated at purchase. All in one place!

Key Features for Success

This project's success lay in several key product features:

  • Easy to Retro-Fit
  • The hotel implemented this with no change to its existing IT infrastructure or, more importantly, that of its promotion partner.

  • Could use an external supplier's codes
  • Use of the supplier's codes was essential in this business case. Vendavoucher offered this feature out-of-the-box

  • Could embed on their own website
  • Staff can manage voucher claims seamlessly within the hotel's own website.

  • Easy setup
  • Setup and website embedding and staff training took less than 30 minutes

  • Easy operational process
  • Staff can now validate a voucher claim with a single button-click during service

  • Reliable audit trail
  • No voucher code can be claimed twice. Dates and times of claims are recorded and available to management as required.

True success!

This has been so effective that management has now instituted a new policy; Vendavoucher will be used for all the hotel's offers going forward!