Airbnb Business Reduces its Commission Costs

Swift Accommodation advertises through most of the online booking channels. In order to reduce manual effort, this company uses Channel Management software, as many such companies do.

Commission fees became astronomical

While online booking agents provide a steady source of income, they also take a large commission which can be as much as 15-17%. This is worth the money as these booking engines bring loads of extra business. However, the trick in any accommodation business is to convert new customers to repeat business - and preferably business that books direct rather than though an online booking agent as quickly as possible.

Vendavoucher offered the perfect solution!

Swift Accommodation embedded a voucher that automatically offered each guest a link to a unique voucher code in an automated email that the system sends on check-out.

Using Vendavoucher's provided link they embedded the voucher in an email template on their Channel Management software.

Easy integration

With the ability to add a reference, each guest receives their own issued voucher only once allowing the company to track both how many vouchers are issued and how many are claimed at a later date.

Key Features for Success

This project's success lay in several key product features:

  • Easy to embed
  • The company was able to embed a single link in its Channel Manager Email Templates.

  • Could use external reference codes
  • Use of external reference codes allowed the Channel Manager to specify a reference of its own without any external interaction required.

  • Easy setup
  • Setup and website embedding and staff training took less than 30 minutes

  • Easy operational process
  • Guests can click the link and view or print their voucher as required. With instructions provided to claim the voucher, guests are automatically routed to the company's direct booking system.

  • Reliable audit trail
  • No voucher code can be claimed twice. Dates and times of claims are recorded and available to management as required.

True success!

This has successfully reduced the company's commission costs while creating repeat business and driving direct bookings to the company's apartments!